To sell product, we simply need a list with titles, quantities, and UPC's if available.  If you don't have UPC's, be sure to specify which edition you are selling if there are multiple editions available.

We deal with a very diverse customer base and there is literally no list or quantity that we cannot consider.  We have the best luck with mainstream product, but have had success with secondary product as well, especially documentaries, foreign films, etc.  We also have customers that like urban titles, horror, and all those other guilty pleasures.  Bottom line, if you have it, send it.

We do, however, prefer deals larger than 500 total units.  Volume Video, right?

We prefer lists on Excel spreadsheets, Word docs, or text files but can work with almost anything. 

If you have cover art, feel free to attach those .jpg files to your email.  This can really help to sell secondary type product.

In most cases, we pay the freight for you to ship to us or we arrange the shipment with a carrier of our choice.

Terms are usually DOR via wire transfer, but each deal is different and terms and shipping are negotiable.

We appreciate the importance of prompt payment and good communication.