Dan Crider Biography

Dan Crider started in the entertainment industry as a teenager, working at Sound Town and Disc Records in the Dallas area.  In 1979 he took his first job in wholesale music, moving from the warehouse to the sales room at a one-stop called Record Shack of Dallas.  Later, Dan accepted a management position with Musicland and worked with them throughout the early 80's. 

In the late 80's, Dan managed one of the first video stores in the Dallas Area, Video II, which was later absorbed by a video broker called The Video Man where he created and operated one of the first "mail order" used video operations in an industry dominated by van traders.  He left that company to start Movie Wholesalers, a joint venture with a local retail chain, to continue selling movies to independent video stores. 

Movie Wholesalers was merged into Playback, International, a division of Super Club, an international video corporation that had just acquired several large retail chains and wanted to set up an in-house video brokerage.  Dan created the recent release sales department where he assembled and supervised a staff of salesmen and buyers dealing with indies, large chains, and Super Club owned stores.

After the first Gulf War, Super Club gave up on their US ambitions and sold their various divisions to other companies.  Dan and several other key members of Playback subsequently formed Stage 2 Video in 1993 which operated successfully in the Dallas area for five years.  When the used VHS business declined, Dan merged Stage 2 with Video By Cycling which distributed front line video games as well as used video.  He was part owner of the company and held the position of VP of Sales, presiding over the years of VBC's largest sales volume.

After leaving VBC, Dan worked with the corporate offices of Movie Trading Company, a local retailer, then Uzed.com, an internet media buyer.  Finally, having had enough of both bosses and employees, he opened Volume Video in 2003 and hasn't looked back (except to help with this bio). 

Dan has lived in the Dallas area all his life, as has his wife of 25 years and their two teenagers.